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Allaoui Dance

Choreographer of traditional middle Eastern dances of the Maghreb and contemporary dance, I supervise all types of training courses for professionals and amateurs in Europe or elsewhere.
It is also possible to work on a choreographic creation with a dance company but of course all other proposal can be studied.
All is possible around the dance and other modes of artistic expressions.
In weekend or other, with advanced groups, with professional or amateur companies.
The training courses can be considered around only one dance like Allaoui or Raļ for example, or can be "butterflies types", touches with all.
Or discovery training courses to see how the oriental dances are far from representing only the incredible richness of the choreographic art of the arabic world.
Possibility to deal with interest with groups, troops, formations, ballets or companies... which wish to develop their own local, regional or national dance.
Places and countries are indifferent.
The method is respectful of the individual, group or company personality completeness.
Residences at more or less in the long run can be considered.
The adventure of the dance does not have borders.
For all details or other information, like the diary, the general conditions, etc, call me or send me electronic or postal mail.

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